The Diaper Bag 

Pack it right. Take it everywhere.

Your diaper bag is your mobile nursery. Pack it with stuff that you want to have on hand for your baby. Maybe it's a handmade blanket, a favorite toy, or a backup hat because your little one keeps wiggling out of theirs. Get the bag and the gear that fits your needs.

Here's our favorite diaper bag and some additional gear ideas we hope will make traveling with a baby just a little easier.

This diaper bag covers all the bases and then some. In the words of the designer,

"It'll help organize and mobilize any parent or parents that participate in the modern world with their young kids"

The large middle pocket works as a hub, flanked by smaller side pockets, and outside pockets. The central pocket can be divided into three sections if you wish, to further organize all your baby gear. 

This bag is so cool it has a trailer:

Core Items



Triple Paste Diaper Cream Tube ($25.87, pack of 3)

changing pad

The main mission of any diaper bag, is to get the necessaries accomplished. To that end, these four items are the core of the diaper bag.

To stay on top of your baby budget, buying in bulk is the way to go. There are over 1000 diapers in our house right now (remember, we have twins). Diaper sizes tend to overlap by a couple of pounds, so there's a nice transition period as your baby changes sizes.

Our goal pricing is $.15/diaper and $.02/wipe. If you use Amazon Family with a Subscribe and Save option, you can hit this mark every time on wipes. It usually takes a coupon or a sale to get the diapers down to $.15, but after trying several brands we decided to be a Pampers family whether they were on sale that week or not. 


If you get wipes in bulk, you can get the price down to between $.02 per wipe. Grab a few wipes and load up your Clutch 'n' Clean every time you head out the door. If you buy individual travel packs of wipes instead, you can end up paying $.40 per wipe, which puts you on the road to a pretty prices diaper change if things get messy. 


Munchkin Arm & Hammer's Bag Dispenser ($12.00, and make sure to have plenty of refills)

These bags are a fantastic way to keep the odor of your baby's diaper changes contained. While you can usually find a trashcan, wrapping diapers in these lightly scented bags will alleviate any guilt you have about leaving a biohazard-level bundle in your friends kitchen garbage. They're also great for wrapping up baby clothes that have gotten baby business on them, until you can get home and clean them up. 


The Powerstation XL from Mophie ($83.95, you can also get it in white)

This little gem is a lifesaver. On one charge this little brick can recharge your phone or tablet around eight times. When you're traveling with your kiddos, the last thing you want is to get stranded somewhere with a dead phone. This has become an essential part of our diaper bag setup. It'll give you peace of mind and you'll be a hero if you find a fellow parent in need of a few extra volts.


Purell Clip-On Hand Sanitzer ($8.99, and don't forget the refills)

Because you just changed a diaper on a park bench. 


Gas Relief Drops from Little Remedies ($28.38 for the 3-pack)

The Twins generally get a little gassy and upset when we travel, which is why we don't travel without these little helpers. Grab the three pack, keep one in the nursery, one in the diaper bag, and one at Grandma's house. 

Honorable Mention: Starbucks Doubleshot and Cliff Bars

Starbucks Doubleshot ($15.69, for a 12-pack)


Cliff Bar, Chocolate Chip (10.99, for a 12-pack)

Parents are always on-duty. When you get your kid(s) diapered, dressed, fed, and travel-ready you may forget to eat and/or shower. While showers are still vexingly unavailable in a can, you can stop yourself from going into a caffeine-deprived, hunger-induced rage spiral if you buy a 12-pack of each of these and keep a couple in your diaper bag.

Your children, and your spouse, will be grateful.